Hans Lindner

Tel.: +43-(0)1-71133-2860
Email johann.lindner@uni-ak.ac.at


1959 born in Mauthausen, Austria
1974 – 77 Apprenticeship training as a construction carpenter and furniture maker
1979 – 80 Community service at Red Cross Upper Austria
1980 Massage Therapy Education at AKH Linz
1980 – 84 Medical Service Wagner-Jauregg hospital, Linz
1984- 90 Otto Wagner Hospital, Vienna 1989: awarded diploma for psychiatric healthcare and nursing care
1991 – 93 Behavioural therapy ward and emergency room, AKH Vienna
1992 Training at the Academy of Occupational Medicine / Preventive Medicine
1994 Master Carpenter enterpreneur and trainer examination
1997- 99 Trainer for carpenters – Youth project WUK
2001 – 2005 Tutor for persons with disabilities at Jugend am Werk
2004 Certified Controller NPO training at ÖCI
since 1998 Lecturer at the University of Applied Arts, Department of Wood Technology
since 2004 Employee representative and confidant since 2016
1986 – 2011 Engagement at WUK – Verein zur Schaffung offener Kultur- und
Werkstättenhäuser (Association for the Creation of Open Culture and Workshop Houses)
1996 – 2006 WUK: Coordination of the Workshop areas – establishing of
studios for guest artists and working expenses subsidies
1997 – 2008 Organisation of the exhibition and event spaces
"Projektraum WUK" (Project room WUK)
1998-99 WUK: Chairman of the Association

Work commissioned i. a. by Nicole Prutsch, Andrea Kalteis, Iris Andraschek, Sepp Auer, Heinrich Dunst, Alfredo Barsuglia, Alfred Lenz, Christian Eisenberger,Gilo Moroder, Gert Resinger, K-H Ströhle, Hubert Lobnig, Hans Weigand, Franz West, …