Welcome to the website of the Institute of Art and Technology.

Life Drawing

The Life Drawing Department has the objective of an artistic engagement with drawing, as well as an introduction to the content and problems of object study.

Buch & Papier

The focus of Studio Book & Paper lies on form-finding processes with paper as a medium, paper technology, and book design for artists' books and unique books.


Courses at the Department of Geometry are anchored in the different curricula of the artistic subjects. The teaching spectrum is thus accordingly broad. Our main priority is to transport "classic knowledge" by means of modern methods.

Metal Technology

In the Metal Technology Department, students are provided with relevant information concerning material science in relation to metals, light metals and aluminium, material composition and material processing.

Analog Photography

The new Analogue Photography Workshop offers practical craftsmanship skills for photographic and post-photographic techniques that enable an interdisciplinary approach to photography.

Coding Lab

The Coding Lab is a central workshop of the Institute of Art and Technology. Its aim is to offer support for students who need to write their own code or need solutions in the field of physical computing (Arduino, sensors, electronics).

Wood Technology

At this department, students from every area of study receive theoretical and practical teaching in wood technology. In addition to basic lectures, seminars and tutorials constitute points of focus. An industrial robot provides new and innovative possibilities in terms of wood processing.

Textile Technology

In the Textile Technology Department, which focuses on screen-printed textiles, students learn to independently implement their projects, term projects and diploma theses differing projects by way of one-to-one teaching in artistic techiques.

Angewandte Robotics Lab

The ANGEWANDTE ROBOTICS LAB is a new in-house laboratory for creative production and prototyping, extending the spectrum of uses of the existing workshops within the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Digital Photography

The Digital Photography Studio supports students with the implementation of their projects. With the studio's equipment, it is possible to print large-format pigment prints.

Ceramics Studio

Ceramics is to be understood as an interdisciplinary medium. The points of focus lie in the following areas: art in private and public space; the art of construction and art at construction sites; art in everyday life; ceramic design.