Methoden des Gestaltens

This is an experimentally designed course at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, which aims at guiding participants towards creating independent artistic works step by step. No prior knowledge is necessary.


Based on topics freely chosen by participants – for example, object, still life, portrait, human, space, architecture, landscape, city, etc. – we will guide you in the process of implementation towards your individually set artistic goals. In each session, we will analyse and discuss three to four works by participants. This method guarantees a constructive learning process.

Drafts: Please bring artwork, sketches, drafts, already started or completed works of your own or simply a few ideas to the first session. For participants who are exclusively interested in portraiture, a model will be available. Participants who have not yet decided on a project will be provided with materials in the form of printouts and simple objects.
Material: Work with your preferred materials (pencil, crayons, chalk, charcoal, watercolours, etc.). Slow-drying colours are not suitable, as the paintings cannot be stored in the Life-drawing room.
Scripts: You will receive a manuscript outlining relevant topics relating to composition for free (PDF).
Course instructor: Rudolf Fuchs
Terms of admission: No prior knowledge is necessary. Admission is subject to the number available spaces.
Minimum number of participants: 20 Personen
Venue: University of Applied Arts Vienna, Department of Life Drawing, Life-Drawing room
Participation fee: Die Teilnahmegebühr von jeweils EUR 240,-inkl. 20% MWSt. ist vor Beginn des Kurses zu entrichten.


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