Open Geometry

Advanced Geometry in OpenGL®

Open Geometry is a geometric programming system: With the help of a C++ compiler, the user is enabled to create images and animations with arbitrary geometric context. The system provides a large library that allows to fulfill virtually any geometric task.

The Open Geometry-library itself is based on OpenGL®, a system-independent graphics library that is supported by most compilers and hardware systems. Additional to the rather basic but very effective OpenGL®-functions, the Open Geometry-library provides solutions to many advanced geometric operations in 2D and 3D.

Open Geometry is a bookware that tries to link theory and practice of geometric programming. The user is able to realize direct geometrical thinking without having to care much about implementations. The idea is to write system-independent and readable graphics programs. The code is provided in full source.

Obtaining Open Geometry

In order to get the current version of Open Geometry you have to buy the book

Handbook on Geometric Programming Using Open Geometry GL

The accompanying CD-Rom provides a library of C++ classes and routines
in full source. In order to use them, you need a C++ compiler.
Open Geometry has been tested under Windows and Linux/Unix operating systems.


Georg Glaeser
Full professor of geometry at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Main developer of Open Geometry.
Co-author of two books on Open Geometry.
Hans-Peter Schröcker
Full professor of geometry at the Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck.
Co-developer of Open Geometry.
Co-author of the second book on Open Geometry.
Hellmuth Stachel
Full professor of geometry at the Vienna Technical University.
Developed the CAD3D system (Boolean operations with solids) that is supported by Open Geometry.
Co-author of the first book on Open Geometry.

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