Known Bugs

In order to build Open Geometry on recent Linux distributions, you have to make some small changes to source code.


Some Windows users reported problems with the EPS- or DXF-export from within Open Geometry (complaints about not beeing able to open chead.h. They seem to be due to a backslash problem. As an immediate remedy, you can change line 652 of C/h.cpp from

EpsDict = fopen( filename, "r" );

to something like

EpsDict = fopen( "C:\\Progams\\OG2.0\\DATA\\chead.h", "r" );

(adjust to the path to your Open Geometry installation). We will provide a bugfix in the near future.


The file mask.pov (template file for using Open Geometry’s Pov-Ray export) is missing on the distributed CD-ROM. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please download mask.pov and save it to a newly created directory DATA/INC in the Open Geometry tree.


This bug concerns Linux users only. With the Mandrake 8.1 distribution we observe error messages like the following:

SYS/LINUX/glut_window.cpp:50: cannot convert `void () ()' to `void *' in assignment

The remedy is simple. Change line 49 of glut_window.h from

fCallbacks[glut_callback_display] = glut_window_display;


fCallbacks[glut_callback_display] = (void *) glut_window_display;

and proceed similar with the following lines (until line 60).


This bug concerns Linux users only. If you encounter error messages concerning files like gl.h or glext.h try to change line 26 in Makefile from

CFLAGS= -DIRIS -DUNIX -I. -IH -g -I/usr/X11R6/include -ISYS/LINUX


CFLAGS= -DIRIS -DUNIX -I. -IH -g -ISYS/LINUX -I/usr/X11R6/include

This ensures that SYS/LINUX/GL/gl.h is used instead of your system’s gl.h.