Gerhard Brandstötter

Tel.: +43-(0)1-71133-2860


After a typical carpenter apprenticeship, completed with a master carpenter degree, I gained a great deal of experience in the fields wood, restauration, decorative construction, arts and culture symposia, and stone and wood sculpture. My strenghts lie in my long-time multifaceted work experience in a wide range of spheres relating to the topic of wood.

Since 1996, I have been working at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, at the department of Wood Technology.

In addition, I have been a regular group member of the Wood and Design Workshop at WUK (Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus, Wien)

My skills lie primarily in the following fields:

  • Solid timber processing – cabinetry
  • Formative techniques – sculpture-wood carving
  • Sound boxes – instrument manufacturing
  • Restoration of antiques, inlaid work, furniture
  • Old and new surface technologies
  • Material knowledge wood/panel material
  • Adhesive technology wood
  • Japanese wood joinery
  • Feng Shui coach after Lo Feng Shui
  • Product development – artisanal and practice-oriented implementation
  • Pedagogical projects with children: "Learning playfully"
  • Workshops on project-oriented work
  • Solution-oriented creative processes