Helmuth Fahrner

Tel.: +43-(0)1-71133-2860
Email helmut.fahrner@uni-ak.ac.at


Born on January 14th, 1959 in Scheibbs / Lower Austria


1965-74 Primary school / gymnasium in Wieselburg / Lower Austria
1974/75 TGM in Vienna
1983 Examination at the end of an apprenticeship of carpenter and cabinetmaker
1987 Examination in mastery in the trade of carpenter and cabinetmaker

Professional Experience

1981–1989 Restoration of art nouveau furniture for the Galerie Metropol Inc. Vienna – New York – Commissions for the Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien, Museum Moderner Kunst, Collection Schmidt, Collection Leopold, …

Works for the following Exhibitions:

  • Josef Hoffmann, Architect & Designer spring 1981, Austrian Institute, New York
  • Josef Hoffmann – Design Classics 1982/83, Fort Worth Art Museum, Texas
  • Kolo Moser, Painter & Designer 1983, Austrian Institute, New York
  • Jugendstil & Zwanziger Jahre 1983, Museum Bellerive, Zürich
  • Vienna 1913 1984, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
  • La Biennale 1984, Venedig
  • Traum und Wirklichkeit 1985, Künstlerhaus, Wien
  • Vienne 1880 – 1938 1986, Centre Pompidou, Paris
  • Vienna 1900, Architecture & Design 1986, Museum of Modern Art, New York
1986–1989 Permanent stay in the United States of America
Atelier Violet – Brooklyn – NewYork / USA
SFA (Swiss French American) – Brooklyn – NewYork / USA
Galerie Metropol – Manhattan – NewYork / USA
1990 Establishing of the KUNSTWERKSTATT
Design and manufacturing of exquisite one off furniture pieces at Wolfsgraben in Lower Austria
– Möbeltischlerei, Kunsthandwerk, Filmrequisiten
since 1995 Senior Artist at the University of Applied Art
Artistic and technical one-to-one lessons in the department of wood technology.
Alternating workshops with main emphasis on wooden connections traditional (European-Asian) and modern CNC-Technics. Tools and machinery, bending wood, building with lightweight materials.
Profound knowledge in transferring ideas and concepts of art projects, industrial- and design prototypes into realisation with the means of perfect and secure handling tools and machinery for working with wood and composite materials.
Research on involving new materials to implement art and design projects.
2014–2016 Project employee Robotic woodcraft FWF Project AR 238
Preparing and selecting different materials and wood processing technics in order to search how to combine these procedures with standardised robots to gain new experience in design processing and Artistic expression.