Textile Technology

The focus of this department lies in the artistic and technical realisation of different design and art projects.

Textile technology is concerned with integrated thinking and strategies for creating optimal, high-quality products on a conceptual, creative, and artistic basis.

The focus is not primarily on technique but on the design process as a whole: the connection of diverse fields of study, the methodology of knowledge transfer and on non-standardised, experimental work, where material as a concept is re-interpreted in the process.

Textile technology is concerned with the composition of surfaces, spaces, and objects of our immediate surroundings.

TELEFONISCHE ANMELDUNG aus organisatorischen Gründen NOTWENDIG!            DI, MI, DO von 11.00 bis 14.00

Nach der Erstbesprechung ist ein Anmelden auf der Base obligatorisch!  

GABRIELE AMON    Tel (01)71133 4852  für Kleinformatiges und Experimentelles

UTE HUBER-LEIERER   Tel (01) 71133 4850   (Großformatige Drucke)






 Up-to-date information can be found at Base Angewandte.

Head of Department

Mag. art. Ute Huber-Leierer


Mag. art. Gabriele Amon
Ing. Robert Wiesner
Univ. Lekt. Gerhard Prikoszovits