Courses in the Department of Geometry are anchored in the different curricula of the artistic subjects. The range of courses offered is thus accordingly broad. Our main priority is to transport “classic knowledge”, which can subsequently be applied in the respective artistic fields and professions. Depending on the "configuration level" of a project, computer programmes and simulations will be used, providing a solid foundation for their various application possibilities.

Our intensive research in the broad research field between classical geometry and computational geometry, as well as computer graphics, will be continued. This line of work will be especially relevant to PhD candidates.

The Department of Geometry at the University of Applied Arts enjoys national and international scientific distinction, despite its small size. This reputation will be further solidified and expanded. Building on our successfully developed and tried and tested innovative geometry software, the department is also looking to implement a number of practice-oriented projects – for example, architectural software with novel functions or cooperations with other institutions and departments.

In addition, a key element of our work is the development of modern textbooks for the international book market.

Currently offered Courses

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Head of Department

o. Univ.-Prof. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.techn. Georg Glaeser


Sen.Lect. B. Sc. Piotr Calvache-Modla
Christian Clemenz
B.Sc. Irene Karrer
Univ.-Ass. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.techn. Boris Odehnal
Sen.Lect. Markus Roskar
Mag.phil.Eugenie Maria Theuer
Mag. Christoph Siquans
Sen.Sc. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.rer.nat. Günter Wallner
Sen.Sc. Dipl.-Ing. Leonard Weydemann
Meda Retegan