Wood Technology

The department's focus lies on subject-specific knowledge transfer and its application between the poles of artisanal mastery and artistic-technical wood technology.

Moreover, we offer students an experimentation lab for the implementation of their creative ideas, supporting them with a broad variety of knowhow and technical equipment.

As part of the research project "RoboticWoodcraft", an industrial robot was incorporated in ways beyond its usual field of application. It is available to those looking for new and innovative ways in wood processing.

Currently offered Courses

Up-to-date information can be found at Base Angewandte.

Head of Department

Prof. Reinhold Krobath


Univ. Lekt. Gerhard Brandstötter
Univ. Lekt. Helmuth Fahrner
Univ. Lekt. Benno Groer
Univ. Lekt. Karl Holzer
Univ. Lekt. Hans Lindner