Life Drawing

The Life Drawing Department has the objective of an artistic engagement with drawing, as well as an introduction to the content and problems of object study.

The range of teaching incorporates a co-ordinated teaching programme, involving the mutually complementing fields of natural studies and constructive drawing, human image and drawing, proportion and line, anatomy for artists, and life studies. The programme creates links and interconnections to other courses of study at the University of Applied Arts. The content of this study programme is influenced to a special degree by the teaching staff, their objectives and methods. Students learn to adopt a practice-oriented approach, where the basic principles of design, a range of skill sets and competencies, as well as the handling of a diverse range of drawing techniques are seen as a springboard for individual artistic work in the central artistic disciplines.

The tried and tested range of teaching, which examines the blending of traditional and progressive, formally bound and artistically free content, will be retained, providing a diverse communications platform for this field that will be enriched by means of guest lectures, etc.


The courses that we offer for students of all disciplines of study are designed according to the demands of the individual curricula. They teach the essentials needed for an artistic and formal engagement with drawing in the fields of life drawing and nature study, as well as constructive drawing.

The practice-oriented approach, the acquisition of the basic principles of design, and the students' acquaintance with a variety of drawing-related techniques is the basis for individual artistic work in the central artistic disciplines.

Currently offered courses: See notices in the Life-Drawing room
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Head of Department

Univ. Lekt. Josef Kaiser


Univ.-Lekt. Univ.-Doz. Dr. med. Hans-Christian Bankl

Sen. Lect. Judith P. Fischer

 Univ. Lekt. Rudolf Fuchs 

Univ.-Ass. Maria Temnitschka