Angewandte Robotics Lab

The ANGEWANDTE ROBOTICS LAB is a new in-house laboratory for creative production and prototyping and extends the spectrum of uses of the existing workshops within the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Its focus lies within the application thru programming and handling of the lab’s internal 7-axis industrial robot, the fabrication and realisation of associated creative projects, research and development of new processes, software and tools, as well as the ‚transfer of knowledge‘.


development and prototyping of creative tools to extend and even exceed existing production techniques and possibilities.


fabrication and realisation of associated creative projects for a wide clientele like students from the Angewandte, affiliated research projects as well as external entities like artists, designers and architects.

transfer of knowledge

e.g. programming classes for the carpenters of the department of wood technology, workshops and seminars in cooperation with the IOA – institute of architecture from the Angewandte as well as the AA – Architectural Association from London have been conducted in the past.

The ANGEWANDTE ROBOTICS LAB is still under development. Lectures, seminars and workshops are not scheduled on a regular basis yet, but will be offered in the near future, from time to time and upon special requests.


The current offering of the ANGEWANDTE ROBOTICS LAB is primarily based on 3-axis- / 5-axis-milling applications with the materials wood, wooden composites, plastics and plastic foams.

Other applications, tools and materials must be requested separately and examinated individually.

The ARL’s offering is available two to three days per week and upon individual agreement with the staff.


Latest information you will soon find in Base Angewandte.


Univ.-Ass. Mag.Arch. Philipp Hornung


Stud.-Ass. Alexander Allroggen