Reinhold Krobath

Tel.: +43-(0)1-71133-2862


Head of Woodwork Arts/Lumber Technologies Department at the University of Applied Arts Vienna
Supervisor of five Senior Artists
Authorized signatory of the Department
Cooperation Partner for third-party funds


teaching since 1994 Lecturer
since 1994 Project Work
since1995 Experimental Wood Technology
since 2001 Material laboratory for Industrial Design
2002- 2010 Modell making for Landscape Design
since 2003 Applied Wood Technology
since 2004 Production Engineering for Installations
 administrative since 1994 Head of the Wood Technology Department
Project assistance for final year presentations
 professional 1984-88 Practice as carpenter, joiner and furniture restorer
1990-94 Planner in the architecture office D.I. Micheller/ Vienna
From design to detailed interior design planning, furniture and building construction. Also worked on casino projects, restaurants, shops, fair booths, doctors’ practices, offices, apartments in Kopenhagen, Budapest, Szeged, Vienna, Danzig, Breslau, Wels, Stettin, Moscow, Lima, Halifax, Sydney, Colorado, Hurghada, Bratislava and on ships.
 since 1994 Manager of third-party funds projects in woodart technology
since 1984 Various activities in the fields of interior design, sculpture, building construction, furniture construction, furniture restoration and model, construction


techn. college education 1988-90 Master Class for Joinery and Interior Design, HTL- Ortwein/Graz
1990 Degree in Interior Design, Master of Craftsman’s diploma for carpentry and joinery , teacher examination, entrepreneur examination, ÖPWZ- Refaprüfung (examination for company organisation)
secondary 1979-83 Vocational school for joinery and interior design education HTL-Mödling, Lower Austria
1983 Journeyman´s examination for carpentry (with distinction)


university since 1996 Experimental Wood Technology
Lectures/ exercises
Production Engineering for Installations
Seminar for Transmedia Art
Applied Wood Technology
Lectures/ exercises
Material laboratory for Industrial Design
Project Work Wood Technology
2006 Interconnect
2007 Pre-production studies
2008 To cover to uncover
2010 Talking tools
2012 The Upturned Space, In collaboration with the Department of Transmedia Art/Prof. Brigitte Kowanz, and Assistant Prof. Willi Kopf
since 1994 Artistic-technical private tutorial


 exhibitions  2017 robot made furniture & robot performance by Robotic Woodcraft exhibited at‚ MHC innovation fair stand‘, fair „Handwerk“ Wels, Messe Wels, Austria
Kreative Robotik, ARS Electronica Center Linz
 2016 Am Ende: Architektur, AZW – Participant project
 2015 Randomized Identities, Team Roboticwoodcraft
Program partner Vienna- Design- Week 2015
Contemporary Code: Artistic Research Hongkong
Curated by Gerald Bast, Alexander Damianisch, Romana Schuller
Robotic Woodcraft – Performative Producers in Architecture and Design
2014 Addition Pavilion AZW, in cooperation with ITI TU- Vienna Prof. Winter Baris Cokcan, Johannes Braumann, AZW
since 2005 Project assistance for final year presentations, Vienna University of Applied Arts
conferences 2016 WCTE World Timber Conference TU- Wien, Poster
RobArch 2016 Sydney, Participant
2007 CNC- Milling Technology in Architecture, Art and Design Vienna, participant
workshops 2015 Robotic Mass Customization, in cooperation with Fa. Becker/Germany
eCAADe Workshop, in cooperation with the team of robotic woodcraft
since 2014 Wood bending for Industrial Design
since 2007 Light weight construction for Industrial Design
2006 Digital furniture manufacturing with Jakob Illera, MA, and the company Klar/Vienna


2016 UNIDO- chair projectwith Arch. Philipp Reinsberger
2015 Woodboat- sculptures for the artist Roman Pfeffer
2014 Head- and Furnituresculptures for the artist Gilo Moroder
2013 Magracktables Series FFG- Project for Zone Arch. Popoviv
2009 Competition for German Embassy Kindergarten, member of the jury with Technical University Vienna Arch. Sigrid Brell, and partially responsible for the implementation…
2007 Art objects for the artist Erwin Wurm
2006-2014 Table objects, furniture for the artist Franz West
2005 Frame-project for Prof. Wolfgang Herzig
Presbytery design, Liechtenthal Wien 9 with Arch. Johannes Traupmann
2004 Exhibition objects for the designers Lucy D
2003 Expo competition entry for Arch. Ortlos Graz, Tina Lehner, MFA, Curvatura Friulana


Catalogue robotic woodcraft towards the craftmanship of the future, 2017, self- publishing
robot made furniture & robot performance by Robotic Woodcraft exhibited at MHC innovation fair stand, fair „Handwerk“ Wels, Messe Wels, Austria, di:angewandte Bast (March 2015) S88-89 Edition Angewandte
di:angewandte, Bast (Nov.2011) S85 Vienna:Imprint
Meisterstücke (Masterpieces) (1990) HTL/Ortweinschule Graz: self- publishing
Posters WCTE 2016, with Baris Cocan
Robotic Mass Customization, 2015 with Johannes Braumann
Introducing the 6 Axix Robotic Arm, 2014 with Johannes Braumann, Experimental Woodtechnologie 2013
Turned Around Space/ Inside Out Space, 2012
Newspapers Holzkunst fräsen statt Fliesbandarbeit, Der Standard 05.01.2016, Alois Pumhösl, online 9.1.2016,
Randomized Identities, Vienna-Journal, Matthias Wieser 30.09.201,, W24 City- TV 10/2015